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Portable Car Heater With Fan 200W 12V

Portable Car Heater With Fan 200W 12V
  • 12V Portable Car Heater With Fan
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • 12V Vehicle Car Portable Ceramic Heating Heater Fan Defroster Demister
  • Instant heating, automatic overheat protection
  • Use adhesive tape (not include) or screw fixation (not include), has a handle
  • Can enjoy warm the cold winter, Environmental benefits.
  • Ideal for in-car, camping & caravanning
  • Compact portable unit with fan & heat settings
  • Easy to install, Just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket
  • Currently online and many this product looks the same, but the quality and efficacy, not our outlet warm wind up to 70 to 80 degrees, their up to 45 degrees
  • Fit For all 12V Vehicle Cars

Push Start Car Keyless Entry Engine System Remote Control Smart System

Auto Car Alarm Keyless Entry Engine System Remote Control Start Stop Central Lock PKE Car Engine Start Stop Push Button Name: Push Start System
  • 1 x Host
  • 2 x Remote Control Handle
  • 1 x Start Button
  • 2 x Sensing Antenna
  • 1 x Start Harness
  • 1 x Detection Harness
  • 1 x Restore Button
  • 1 x Manual
Specifications Fit For:12V battery car, van, pickup truck, SUV, etc., general-purpose products Operating Voltage:12V±3V Quiescent Current: less than 10mA Working Frequency:433MHz Features -Q6C intelligent one key to start the system, using smart chips, can provide a key to start / flameout, convenient and simple. -PKE keyless entry, automatic sensor switch lock function, near the car 2 meters, the automatic sensor unlock. -There is a remote start/flameout, countdown ten minutes off function. -Summer cool car, winter warm car, no longer bear the car when the uncomfortable. -With the identity function, the remote control is not able to start normally. Key Operation -Do not press the brake, short press to open the ACC sound, then press the "on" dashboard, the indicator light flashes, then short press off, you can cycle operation. -Brakes, short press, the system ignition start, light long light. -When the flame is turned on, the brakes are short pressed and the system is turned off. -Step on or not brakes, long press, the system can let go after the ignition, light long light. Note: Due to the manual measurement, there might be some errors.

Snow Chains For Car Jeep Tires 6 Pcs

High quality materials, low temperature resistant -100% pure Dichotomanthes materials, resistant to low temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius The surface of Dichotomanthes nail design, better antiskid effect for snow and mountain climbing and mud Firm installation, safe use – special fastener, real materials, with strong anti-wear Engineering Non slip chain – the ultimate destructive test of the mountain road Universal model, it can be applied to all the models of the tire width 165mm-265mm, This product is suitable for aluminum tires, not suitable tire iron, because iron wheel hub is a circular hole, from the brakes too close, and originally iron wheel hub is not smooth, and will wear the chains of nylon rope.Such as the left picture, there is the kind of car brakes can not use this anti-skid chains, it will wear nylon rope.

Universal Auto Rubber Seal Strip Door Window Lock Trunk Hood Edge Trim 40Ft/12M

Features: Color: Black Material: EPDM rubber Size: 49FT/12M   Functions:  Enhancing the leakproofness of your car, which make door closing more thick. Reducing the pavement and wind noise pass into the car to improve the driving comfort and avoiding the dust and rain into the car. You can apply to seal the front and back covers, which performs good in waterproof, dustproof and soundproof.   Installation: 1.Clean the edge of car door . 2, The sealing strip with a double-sided adhesive tape. 3, The sealing strip at one end of the protective film tear affixed to the door frame to determine the location, and then according to the line of the installation of simultaneous tear protective film, pressing the paste to ensure that the installation of contact sealing can be. 4, Paste after the ban to use hand to pull the sealing strip, banned in 3 days of washing water (rain no way back ah) within 24 hours as much as possible not to repeatedly open and close the door. 5, Close the door after construction will be a bit tight, please do not worry, in the first 2-3 days when it can be normal. 6, Please in the first 1-2 days of time to pay more attention to the door is not closed, safety first   Package List: 1 X Car rubber seal strip