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Portable Car Heater With Fan 200W 12V

Portable Car Heater With Fan 200W 12V
  • 12V Portable Car Heater With Fan
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • 12V Vehicle Car Portable Ceramic Heating Heater Fan Defroster Demister
  • Instant heating, automatic overheat protection
  • Use adhesive tape (not include) or screw fixation (not include), has a handle
  • Can enjoy warm the cold winter, Environmental benefits.
  • Ideal for in-car, camping & caravanning
  • Compact portable unit with fan & heat settings
  • Easy to install, Just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket
  • Currently online and many this product looks the same, but the quality and efficacy, not our outlet warm wind up to 70 to 80 degrees, their up to 45 degrees
  • Fit For all 12V Vehicle Cars

Push Start Car Keyless Entry Engine System Remote Control Smart System

Auto Car Alarm Keyless Entry Engine System Remote Control Start Stop Central Lock PKE Car Engine Start Stop Push Button Name: Push Start System
  • 1 x Host
  • 2 x Remote Control Handle
  • 1 x Start Button
  • 2 x Sensing Antenna
  • 1 x Start Harness
  • 1 x Detection Harness
  • 1 x Restore Button
  • 1 x Manual
Specifications Fit For:12V battery car, van, pickup truck, SUV, etc., general-purpose products Operating Voltage:12V±3V Quiescent Current: less than 10mA Working Frequency:433MHz Features -Q6C intelligent one key to start the system, using smart chips, can provide a key to start / flameout, convenient and simple. -PKE keyless entry, automatic sensor switch lock function, near the car 2 meters, the automatic sensor unlock. -There is a remote start/flameout, countdown ten minutes off function. -Summer cool car, winter warm car, no longer bear the car when the uncomfortable. -With the identity function, the remote control is not able to start normally. Key Operation -Do not press the brake, short press to open the ACC sound, then press the "on" dashboard, the indicator light flashes, then short press off, you can cycle operation. -Brakes, short press, the system ignition start, light long light. -When the flame is turned on, the brakes are short pressed and the system is turned off. -Step on or not brakes, long press, the system can let go after the ignition, light long light. Note: Due to the manual measurement, there might be some errors.

Vjoy Hawk Car HUD Multi-Function Dashboard Head Up Display


• With OBD2 + GPS dual system, can work on all cars. If Your Car's OBD2 Protocol is incompatible, then you Can Choose GPS Working System, GPS mode can work with All Cars.

• Two installation methods:1) stand on dashboard, 2) upside down on windshield.

• Speed: KM/h & MPH switch freely.

Long press the middle OK button, enter setting page, press right button to System setting, and Press middle OK button again, and then come to Unit Switch, choose KM or Miles as you prefer.

• Turbo Boost pressure: 100kPa & PSI & BAR switch freely.

• Fuel consumption units: KM/L and L/100km

• Add Ambient light: it will flash constantly if the device gives out alerts / alarms.

• 2021 Newest HUD to show all data of OBD+GPS dual mode, no need to switch working system if OBD2 protocol is compatible.

• The only HUD Gauge on the market to show ambient temperature, intake air temperature, CVT, coolant temperature.

• Modern design and high quality: New tooling design --- 3 dashboard combined together, driver can see the the data all the time.

• Display Fuel consumption, fuel temperature, fuel level, etc.

• GPS Precise position: altitude and longitude, compass direction, altitude.

• Different display interfaces, you can choose any display interface you prefer.

• OBD cable plug and play, start safety driving with a lot of fun.

•Support Update Software Remotely (can download the software file from our website)

• Accept customization with different MOQ Limit: Add Start-up Screen with your logo; Customize Package; Add new functions and display interfaces.