Wireless 2.4GHZ Air Mouse+Keypad+Remote (3in1)

This is a wireless air mouse and keyboard products, to fully realize the traditional mouse and keyboard functions. Its air use function, can put you from your SatMaxx IPTV completely liberated only through the air waving the mouse, you respond quickly converted into on-screen cursor movement, the use of 3D + gyro perfect combination, users can 360 degrees at precise operation. Hand-held operation comfortable, convenient and completely avoid the traditional desktop mouse needs to be stationary as the reference or infrared remote control button operation drawbacks, so you lay playing SatMaxx IPTV not tired,relaxed, totally “palm” control you SatMaxx IPTV Entertainment.


100% brand new and high quality.

Full wireless keyboard and Full Function keys (F1-F12)

Input text conveniently and the motion sensing mouse allow you to wave this item to control the mouse

USB2.0 interface, mini-receiver, automatic to connect

Plug and play micro receiver,Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0

Can be applied in PC,projector,TV,HTPC&Network Set-top boxed.Range of distance 10M

4 choices of CPI for user selection,from 600 to 1200.

Advanced power saving technology with less than 15mA operating current(operating current for ordinary wireless mouse is 15~40mA)

Low voltage indication function.When battery voltage is drops is drops below 3.5V,LED will flash.Support for all keys to arouse.

Automatic frequency-hopping technology, strong anti-interference, high sensitivity

Multiple-axis Gyro-sensor, wave to point and click for mouse operation.

Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology, without caring about the signal’s delay or loss

Compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Mac OS X,Linux,Android etc.


- +
  • Full QWERTY keyboard and Google Android TV Remote With IR Learn Remote
  • Motion sensor allows mouse to be controlled by waving the remote.2.4G transmission up to 10m
  • Plug-and-play function, compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0
  • This keyboard and mouse can be used on many devices including Satmaxx Setup Box, Android Boxes, Smart TV, Video Games Consoles, Windows tablet and mini desktop.
  • How to enable/disable air mouse: press the red lock key(the right one) under the blue OK button.While wake up from auto sleep,the air mouse will be on automatically





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