Sonoff Basic R3 WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

Remote ON/OFF–Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere App Support –Free iOS and Android mobile App eWeLink LAN Control –Turn on/off the device even when WiFi has no Internet access Sync Status–Real-time…


Sonoff Basic is a WiFi enabled smart switch that provides smart home control in an affordable way. It can be connect to a wide range of appliances to switch them remotely. Just install eWeLink app in your smart phone and power up your Sonoff Basic WiFi electrical switch, follow a couple of instructions and turn a Light / Fan / TV and lot more device ON/OFF just tapping on your smart phone screen. It is just a first level, What’s about talking to your home appliances? Yes, Sonoff Basic turns any of your device into a voice controlled smart device because it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc.

Sonoff basic also supports scheduled / countdown / loop timers. You may schedule a light to turn itself automatically ON / OFF as desired.

What’s new with Sonoff Basic R3

it has a DIY mode that is the firmware can be user-defined. Built-in a web server that exposes the REST API, which allows you to connect the switch with your existing home automation system. Compatible with Vera, Fibaro, HomeSeer, Savant, HomeKit, etc. For the protocol document and the code for the DIY Mode tool (updating), please go to Github on Simply set a timer to let your devices switch on/off automatically at a pre-set time through a day. For example, prepare your coffee maker in the evening, and a cup of coffee is ready for you in the next morning.

Compatible with the IFTTT function, and you can make more actions happen to trigger other devices, or receive a notification on your phone once the action was triggered.
Along with support for smart scenes, just set a device to turn on/off to make another or a boatload of devices turn on/off. The LAN control is designed for situations which no available Wi-Fi connection, or an unsteady Wi-Fi network environment. A convenient option that is share control is capable of allowing you to manage the same device with your family or friends together, simply share it on the eWeLink app to try. Amazingly, the module with unique DIY function, the way you can assemble it with your ordinary appliances to turn them into intelligent.

Sonoff Basic Features:

  • WiFi network support.
  • Status tracking: sync device status with EWeLink.
  • Turn connected appliance/light ON or OFF remotely.
  • Max 8 enabled scheduled / countdown / loop timers for each device.
  • Works with Google Home & Google Nest
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap

Sonoff Basic R3 Specifications:

  • Max Current: 10A;
  • Max Power: 2200W;
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V;
  • Gang: 1 Gang;
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz;
  • Enclosure Material: ABS V0;
  • Product Dimensions: 91*43*25mm
  • CE, FCC

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